About tomsbooks


On this blog, I will periodically post thoughts on some of the books I have read, as an invitation to a larger dialogue with as many people as possible to join and discuss these and related books, and the ideas they contain. I encourage a wide-ranging, civil and respectful exchange of comments. Readers may also wish to suggest other books on related subjects that might lead to a good exchange. If you wish to communicate with me directly, without posting a general comment, you may reach me at:


My interests are largely confined to modern history, politics, especially American and European, and political theory. But I occasionally venture outside these subjects, and even read a little fiction from time to time.

A few years ago, I started writing commentaries — some of them quite short, others not so short – sharing them with friends and inflicting them on my family. Some of those that I have been able to locate will be posted here, but I will also post new commentaries as I finish them. My current plan is to post at least one commentary every other week. In early 2011, I opened a folder on my Facebook page, entitled “My Books,” to begin a discussion similar to that envisioned here. Later in the year, my daughter Chloé suggested that a blog would be a better vehicle to reach a wider audience and precipitate the type of discussion I sought. Two of my closest friends quickly backed up Chloé. I was surrounded, with no place to go. So here we are.

Welcome to Tomsbooks.


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